Shreya Vora- Bioinformatics Module 2


  • I created a metadata using the GEO database.
  • I used excel to get some data from the larger database and then imported it into R Studio
  • I downloaded several packages for module 3
  • I also built an app in R Studio using R Shiny

Soft Skills:

  • Communication
  • Debugging and problem solving


  • R/ R Studio
  • 7 zip
  • Excel
  • GEO Database
  • Youtube (for help)
  • R Shiny


  • Successfully downloaded data from the GEO database
  • Created a metadata file
  • Imported my metadata into r Studio using read.csv
  • I created a very simple R Shiny app


  • I had a difficult time figuring out what data to really use in my metadata. I ended up looking at all the different data variables and I tried figuring out which ones would be the most efficient and needed.
  • I also had a hard time figuring out R Shiny but watching some videos on youtube really helped and I was able to create something on my own with that knowledge