Shreyas - Machine Learning Pathway


  • Technical Area: Lead team in the creation of a machine learning-powered content classifier
  • Tools: GSuite, Slack, Python, TensorFlow, Trello
  • Soft Skills: Leadership, project management, public speaking, conflict resolution

Achievement Highlights

  1. Successfully led team in the creation and presentation of content classification system
  2. Helped create notebooks and resources for use by our team
  3. Checked progress on new machine learning teams and collaborated with them


  • Attended all of our meetings, which were held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Tasks Completed:

  • Created project outline documents for every week
  • Set up GSuite, Slack, and Asana for our team
  • Aided with onboarding and answered questions
  • Checked progress at team meetings
  • Created resource sharing documents
  • Lead weekly team meetings
  • Checked other teams’ progress and provided resources if they were struggling