Sjm9509 - Full Stack (Level 2) Pathway

Week 2

1. Things Learned:

Technical Areas

  • Completed the Ember guides to understand how Ember JS works


  • Installed Discourse for Development on my local machine

Soft Skills

  • I was able to communicate more effectively with the help of the Discord platform.

2. Achievement Highlights

  • I started Sass Basics and learned its examples.
  • Completed Ember Guides and understood how it works.
  • I was better to understand ruby rails through the guide from James.

3. Goals for Upcoming Week

  • Understand how theme works in Discourse and create a theme.
  • Understand Discourse CLI and developer console.
  • Learn how to leverage the DOM inspector to supercharge my theme development process

4. Tasks Completed

  • Discourse Set Up
  • Ember JS guides
  • SCSS guides