Skyla Patterson Self-Assessment Summer 2023

Project Title:

AI Code Assistants


An educational, hands-on experience



Mentor Chains® Role:


Goals for the Internship:

  1. Increase my knowledge of UX
  2. Learn how to use Softr
  3. Apply UX principles to the web design

Achievement Highlights:

  1. Increased knowledge of UX
  2. Worked with a team effectively
  3. Applied UX concepts

Challenges Faced:

  1. Management of different time zones
  2. Understanding new concepts
  3. Communication between different teams

Detailed Statement:

This was truly a meaningful introduction to UX and the application of UX principles. I learned about the fundamentals of UX and prototyping through the application Softr. Working with a team of people from numerous time zones, my ability to communicate and collaborate efficiently and manage my time and tasks effectively has also improved.

STEM-Away Certificate for Skyla Patterson.pdf (651.6 KB)