SnehaK - UX & UI Pathway

Self Assessment 1:

I have been a part of UX team 3 since 1st June, and it has been so good so far! This is the first time that I am working with 9 UX designers at the same amazing time and it has been amazing. The concepts we are learning would be helpful now and even in the long run.

Here is a summary of the concepts that we are learning and working on during the internship so far.

Session 1: Understanding the User

  • I learned the process of UX design and also worked on understanding the user. To do that I listed the Stakeholders Map including the primary and secondary users and created an Empathy map to understand the user’s needs, expectations, expectations, and influence. I found this task interesting and challenging. The presentation slides help in understanding how to categorize the users.

Tools Used: PowerPoint

Session 2: User observation and interview, focus group discussion

  • Once we knew who the users were, I tried to test the platform by actually observing the users while they used the platform. I had a set of tasks for them. They completed those tasks and stated what they liked and what they did not.

The perspective of the users helped me understand what worked well for the users and what did not. Through the focus group discussion, I could understand the perspective of all the other designers and their users could help in recognizing the key highlights and pain-points.

Tools Used: Laptop, Pen-Paper for noting down observations, Google drive for documenting the key findings.

Session 3: Creating User Personas

This was an interesting task. I a fictional user persona that resonated with real-life people. This happened in two steps. I interviewed one of the team members to understand her background and experience and then created a fictional persona based on the perspective of all team members’ data.

Tools Used: Google hangouts, Powerpoint.

Session 4: Learning a new tool: Balsamiq and Figma.

This is an ongoing activity. I am brushing up my skills in these tools and learning to make the design better.

Some Achievement highlights

  • As many people are working on the same topic, I get to understand a unique individual perspective that can be embedded in a good concept.
  • Stem-away, in itself, is a very unique concept. So, working on redesigning the platform is both challenging and refreshing.
  • I am learning new tools like Slack and brushing up the tools that I already know which are Figma, Balsamiq.

In the coming weeks, I am looking forward to the designing process and excited collaborating with my other teammates on new designs and user testing

Shout out to amazing leadership by Jay!

Final Self Assessment:

This is my assessment for the second half of the internship. In this part, I created a wireframe to represent new ideas and concepts for the Stemaway platform. I think it was very interesting and innovative. I collaborated with three other designers to create a dashboard for the stem away platform.

I think I learned the Figma tool in-depth and also I learned new ways of better communication with the team members through online tools like hangouts and google chats. I learned how usability testing helped in better rationally back your design decision and have a successful design out.

In the last week, we are working on presenting out designs and our final look of stem away dashboards!