Tamvu - Full Stack Pathway

First Self Assessment

Things I Have Learned:

  • I learned about basics of Ruby
  • I learned about Git, Github, the differences, and some Git basics

Achievement Highlight

  • I created my first Ruby program
  • Speaking up during meetings
  • Asking for help
  • Attended every meeting

List of Meetings:

  • Full Stack Team #2 - First Meeting
  • Project Tools Meeting
  • Industry Mentor Meeting
  • FS Team 2 Meeting
  • Github/Self-Assessment Meeting

Goals for the Upcoming Week:

  • Upload my first thing to Git, become more familiar with using Git/Github
  • Finish reading through Discourse themes guide
  • Take notes on Git/Github
  • Review HTML, CSS, look into JavaScript basics maybe

Detailed Statement of Tasks Done:

  • Finished installing Discourse and its plugins
  • Made a Github
  • Completed Ruby coding mini task