Tweshaghosh - Machine Learning (Level 1) Pathway

Things Learned

a) Technical Area:

I learned about the visual representation of machine learning and how it is entirely different from what goes on inside the product.

I learned about the importance of making machines easy to interact with.

I learned about different tools used to further manipulate and understand data we are given.

b) Tools:


VS Code


Beautiful Soup



c) Soft Skills

I watched a video on word embeddings and learned about how there are substitutes for different words for text analysis, in the form of vectors that are

I watched the webinar on BERT and the implementation of Bert in machine learning. Bert stands for Bidirectional Encoding Representations from Transformers. BERT is used because it is bidirectional and can “leverage context from both sides of a target token from the very bottom.”

I watched a video on Recommender Systems. I learned that recommendation systems are designed to predict what the user’s preferences are and based on the user’s behavior.

Achievement Highlights

  • I created a repository in Github and learned how to check in, check out, and clone. In the process I learned what Github is used for and how it makes collaborating easier.
  • I installed Beautiful Soup and learned about web scraping. I learned web scraping, which is accessing and understanding data from other websites.
  • I installed Selenium and learned it’s usage. Selenium is used for testing web applications and can directly access other web formats.