Valeriya - UX & UI Pathway

UX & UI Pathway - UX Research & Design Team Lead

This is my team lead self-assessment.

In July 2020 session (6 weeks), I was a team lead in UX Team 2 along with my co-lead Pratistha. We lead the team through the stages of research, ideation, prototyping and testing. The team focused on how to improve communication tools within Zoom to help students to improve collaboration, interactive learning and social communication.

Technical Skills and Tools

UX Research:

Taught the team how to capture user needs, pains, and behaviors through different observation and feedback collection methods to build a user-centric product.

  • preparing and conducting user research (interviews, surveys and observations)
  • processing and analyzing the collected information and data
  • brainstorming on potentials solutions to the pain points using Mural and Miro

UX Design:
Low & High Fidelity Prototype
Even though I had little prior experience in prototyping with Figma, I was able to catch up quickly and provide necessary guidance and constructive feedback.

The team was able to create a successful prototype

Tools used:

  • Figma (prototyping)
  • Mural (empathy maps, persona)
  • Miro (brainstorming)
  • Google Suite (communication, meeting facilitation, files)
  • Slack (informal communication channel)


  • Planned and facilitated all team meetings
  • Prepared materials for presentations
  • Attended UX Lead Meetings
  • Attended UX Lead training with Benjamin in May
  • Conducted office hours for the team

Leadership skills:

  • Assisted with proposed designs by the team, elicited constructive feedback, and helped incorporate feedback into design solutions
  • Oversaw all aspects of the project from the research process to design of a low fidelity prototype
  • Administered concept and usability testing to design intuitive and user friendly software (Zoom)
  • Lead team meetings and deliver educational presentations on the topics of user experience research and design
  • Facilitated a good dynamic among team members through clear communication

Goals achieved:
Successfully led a team to finish the high fidelity prototype based on the research conducted.


  • It’s all about connecting humans to the technology design, hence human centered design
  • User empathy map and interviews are very important to learn about the pain points and focus on user needs.
  • Communication is important to ensure successful execution of a project.
  • Technical skills can be acquired fast but require maintenance.

I am glad to have had this opportunity. Thanks to all!