Vrinda_Jain - Entrepreneurship Pathway

A team lead’s job starts before the team begins working.
For my team, the internship started on 15 July (Week 1).
I had a week 0 as well to plan out things in advance, so it’s a smooth and efficient project for my team.

Week 0: 8 July - 14 July

Tasks Done

  • Scheduled Project Alignment meetings with @Stephanie
  • Scheduled Lead Alignment meetings with other leads (only @ZeryWang was available at the given time)
  • Helped @ZeryWang get comfortable with the leadership position he held and the tools we were going to be using (sharing my experiences from June session as an FS Team Lead)
  • Brainstormed ideas for upcoming project timeline with @Stephanie and @ZeryWang
  • Listed potential topics for the project under EN Pathway
  • Strategised a project timeline
  • Having a strategised project timeline we also kept some places open for pivoting on the go looking at the responses and progress. For this, we decided to have weekly lead check-in meetings with Stephanie.
  • Setup Google Drive and Group for EN Pathway with help from @Isha

Soft Skills Learnt:

  • Understanding the difference between leadership and mentorship
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Time Management (for self and others)
  • Timeline Strategising
  • Adapting and critical thinking
  • Decision making and more importantly Instant decision making
  • Learning to foresee potential fault touch points and having backup plans for the same
  • Accepting that we working with diverse teams that essentially means participants will be from various skill levels so the weekly deliverables should be well balanced - not too hard yet not too easy (learning from June session)
  • Applying previous experience learnings (June Session FS Team Lead Experience)

Goals for the Upcoming Week

  • Comfortable and smooth onboarding of team members
  • Resource finding for each topic
  • Easy understanding and usage of tools
  • Basics of Entrepreneurship
  • Make sure everyone has clarity on the overall project and individual expectations and deliverables.
  • Make a relationship with each of them, so they feel comfortable reaching out and asking queries.

Tools Used:

  • GSuite
  • Google Meets
  • Google Drive
  • Google Groups
  • Slack