Wjung4 - Bioinformatics Pathway

Things learned:

  • Technical area: I learned to code in R for the first time and was able to understand how the plots could be customized. I also reviewed basic Python through the usage of the Pandas data frame. I also learned about performing a DNA microarray and started to understand the paper.
  • Tools: I learned how to use Jupyter notebook for Python. I also learned how to look for data in the Gene Ontology Resource, as well as what the KEGG database is.
  • Soft skills: I was able to practice communication skills with people that I never met before when the new team was formed and when we discussed the paper in breakout rooms. I familiarized myself with the features of the STEM-Away forum in more detail and can now use them effectively to manage my notifications and events.

Achievement highlights:

  • I finished all the R exercises and the Python exercises.
  • I read the paper multiple times and researched more in depth to understand the methods used.
  • I connected with people through meetings.

List of training and meetings attended:
6/1 technical webinar, 6/1 team meeting, 6/2 R training, 6/3 technical webinar, 6/5 R training, 6/6 Python training, 6/9 R training, 6/9 Python training, 6/10 logistic meeting, 6/10 technical webinar, 6/12 R training.

Tasks completed:
I completed all the R and Python exercises. I also read and understood the paper and interpreted the figures from the paper.

Goals for the upcoming week:
I want to continue to learn about the biology and techniques used in the paper through outside resources. I also want to continue to learn and practice my R and Python skills.

Switch of roles:
I would like to switch from a participant to an observer because I recently decided to enroll in online classes.

Inactive, assessed by Lead